Snorkel Backlash Tool

If you are a mechanic, work at a dealership or are capable of rebuilding a transmission, this tool is for you! It is very difficult to loosen the snorkel tube nut, particularly when the nut is stuck or sticking due to debris or metal shavings from the transmission Рthis tool solves that problem. Currently, there is no tool in a standard toolbox that removes the nut easily. High Lifter designed this tool to help you properly remove or tighten the snorkel gear tube when replacing or upgrading the front output/snorkel shaft and output/snorkel gear in the main gear case. It can also be used to check the backlash on the output/snorkel gear in Polaris transmissions.

Key features include:

  • Precision pins align the pin slots in the snorkel gear nut
  • Constructed of plane carbon steel, with 5 dowel pins for easy insertion
  • Smooth chrome finish for easy cleaning
  • Tool mates to OEM Part #3234278
  • Can be used with a 1/2″ square drive ratchet for easy removal or insertion of the snorkel tube

Nate Chandler shows how to use the High Lifter Snorkel Backlash Tool in the video below.