What Does “Virtual” High Lifter Mud Nationals Mean?

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Due to restrictions and precautions related to COVID-19, we were not able to host our annual High Lifter Mud Nationals event in March 2020. Although we have an bigger, better, muddier event planned for April 7-11, 2021, we want offroad fans to experience the fun all year. While we wait for April to roll around, read below about how you can get involved with Mud Nationals now!

Miss High Lifter Mud Nationals Competition

The search for the very first Miss High Lifter Mud Nationals goes virtual! This title will go to a true mud-loving, offroad enthusiast who gets just as excited about going riding as Team High Lifter does. We are looking for someone who will represent us in a positive and professional manner while having fun doing it. After kicking off this brand new competition in March, we narrowed down the already impressive group of competitors to our top ten leading ladies. Although we won’t get to meet each of them on stage, the show goes on!  

Round two allowed voters to see photos of each contestant rock her sash and read a short biography that describes her background, powersports’ interests, and why she believes she is fit for the title. The top three finalists who moved to the last round and one step closer to the crown were Bailey Hughes, Baylee Day, and Randi Hobson.

The final round of the competition included an interview with the four celebrity athlete judges. Ronnie Renner, Craig Scanlon, Ryan Daniel, and Pleasant Cook, known to her fans as 4×4 Barbie, met with each of the top three contestants over a Zoom video call. They asked a variety of questions for each competitor to display even more of her character and personality. The crowned Miss High Lifter Mud Nationals will be a spokesperson for the High Lifter Mud Nationals and High Lifter brands until the next competition in spring 2021.

Bad 2 Da Bone Competition

As one of the crowd favorite events each year at High Lifter Mud Nationals, the Bad 2 Da Bone Competition cannot be stopped! We look forward to giving you your fix on some of the biggest baddest, most outrageous ATVs and UTVs the industry has to offer through a virtual Bad 2 Da Bone Competition. These aren’t your average builds with a few simple modifications. Blood, sweat and tears have been poured into these units to produce the most jaw dropping machines around. If you think your build is “Bad 2 Da Bone,” we want to see it.

What’s the best part about this year’s competition being virtual? Anybody can enter! High Lifter is accepting any and all submissions that include good quality photos and a complete list of modifications. Details on how to enter are available now at mudnatevents.com.

Once entries are in, High Lifter will choose the top 15 machines to move forward into the online competition. These 15 units will be posted for fans to see and vote on their favorite. Each bike will get its own time in the spotlight as fans read through the modifications and zoom in on the photos of each monster build. The three bikes with the most votes will move into the third round – judges vote. Our celebrity judges, 4×4 Barbie, Craig Scanlon, Sophie Swaney, and Ronnie Anderson, will rate the builds on creativity, craftsmanship, and “wow” factor. Once these scores are tallied, we will have our 2020 High Lifter Mud Nationals Bad 2 Da Bone Champion!

Live Spin the Wheel

Every other Wednesday, check the Mud National Events Instagram and Facebook pages to join our live videos. Watch as we spin the huge prize wheel with free giveaways from some of the top brands in the industry. During each video, we’ll ask a fun question about Mud Nationals or the offroad world. Fans who answer will be chosen at random to claim prizes from the wheel!

Along with the prizes, this is also a great opportunity to learn a little about what goes on behind the scenes at High Lifter. We’ll give you updates on the Miss High Lifter Mud Nationals and Bad 2 Da Bone Competitions as they happen, tell you the ins and outs of our favorite product lines and introduce you to some of our awesome employees. From designing new products to manufacturing to getting them boxed and sent out to you, Team High Lifter is a hard-working group, and we are proud to show off each department involved in getting parts to you!

After the virtual fun is over, we will all be ready to hit the trails and the mud holes! Mark your calendars now for High Lifter Mud Nationals Hillarosa 2021 – April 7-11, 2021.